Lobbying Uncovered: Democracy, Influence, and Corruption in Brazil | Wilson Center
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Lobbying Uncovered: Democracy, Influence, and Corruption in Brazil

Image: Bandeira do Brasil feita com dinheiro (Bruna cs/Flickr)

Against the backdrop of the ongoing corruption scandals and investigations in Brazil, many are beginning to wonder if a regulated lobbying industry could bring greater transparency to the game of influence. Brazil currently has no specific legislation to provide a framework for lobbying activities, although there are laws on the books that attempt to prevent corporate bribery and conflicts of interest. Nonetheless, corruption remains one of the top concerns of most companies operating in Brazil.

How have companies and politicians interacted in the absence of clear rules on lobbying in Brazil? What lessons can be drawn from the U.S. experience with lobbying? Could new legislation to regulate lobbying actually improve transparency and reduce corruption in Brazil?

Join us on September 7th at 3:00pm to discuss these issues and more with the authors of a forthcoming volume, scheduled to be released in early 2018, which explores lobbying, influence, and corruption in the context of Brazil.