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One Health in the 21st Century

The One Health in the 21st Century Workshop will serve as a snapshot of government, IGO and NGO innovation as it pertains to the expanding paradigm of One Health.

Date & Time

Nov. 26, 2018
1:00pm – 5:00pm ET
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The One Health in the 21st Century Workshop will serve as a snapshot of government, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organization innovation as it pertains to the expanding paradigm of One Health. One Health is an umbrella term for a paradigm to health care that considers animal, human, and environmental health issues as inextricably linked, each informing the other, rather than as distinct disciplines. While a number of important One Health initiatives have been launched in the United States and globally, progress to date is still uneven, and requires significant practical and theoretical work to scale.

This snapshot, facilitated by a partnership between the Wilson Center, World Bank, and EcoHealth Alliance, aims to bridge a range of professional silos to address the current gaps and future solutions in the operationalization and institutionalization of One Health across sectors and disciplines. With an initial emphasis on environmental resource management and assessment as well as federal cooperation, the One Health in the 21st Century Workshop is a launching point for future events, strategic convenings, and research products. To advance One Health, we hope to catalyze new partnerships and leverage existing relationships between the hosting organizations and workshop attendees.

Keynotes and panels will be live webcast, with video available on this page.

1:00pm -- 1:15pm:Introductory Remarks, Alex Long, Program Assistant in the Science and Technology Innovation Program at the Wilson Center

1:15pm -- 1:45 pm: Keynote: Franck Berthe, Senior Livestock Specialist in the Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank

1:45pm -- 2:30 pm: Panel: Putting One Health into Practice: Highlighting concrete innovations in One Health operationalization in and outside of government.

Moderator:Catherine Machalaba, Policy Advisor, EcoHealth Alliance

Patricia Bright -- Senior Advisor, Environmental Health US Geological Survey-Environmental Health
Larry Madoff -- Director of Emerging Disease Surveillance; Editor, ProMED-mail
Lance Brooks -- Chief, Biological Threat Reduction Department at DoD
Casey Barton Behravesh -- Director of CDC’s One Health Office in the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

2:30pm -- 2:40pm: Break

2:40pm -- 3:10pm: Keynote: William Karesh, Executive Vice President for Health and Policy, EcoHealth Alliance

3:10pm -- 3:50pm: Panel: Adding Seats at the One Health Table: Promoting the Environmental Backbone at Home and Abroad

A discussion on the environment health community’s contribution and inclusion within the greater One Health paradigm.

Moderator: Ellen Carlin, Senior Health & Policy Specialist, EcoHealth Alliance

Assaf Anyamba -- NASA Research Scientist
Jonathan Sleeman -- Center Director for the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center 
Bruce Rodan, Associate Director for Science for the Office of Research and Development, EPA
Lauren Herzer Risi -- Project Director of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Wilson Center

3:50pm -- 4:30pm: Breakout Discussions

4:30pm -- 4:50pm: Report Back Panel, Alex Long, Program Assistant in the Science and Technology Innovation Program at the Wilson Center

4:55pm -- 5:05pm: Closing Remarks

5:05pm -- 6:00pm: Networking and Reception


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