Webcast Recap

Photo: Asianet-Pakistan/Shutterstock

Pakistan is plagued by a deep energy crisis—one with troubling consequences for its fragile economy and volatile security situation. Islamabad, in fact, has described energy as a greater challenge than terrorism. Energy is also a major public concern. Recent polling finds that more than 90 percent of Pakistanis are worried about energy shortages.

This conference seeks to capitalize on the urgency of the crisis. It will focus on steps that can and should be taken in the immediate future to address both supply- and demand-side aspects of Pakistan’s energy conundrum. It will also propose actionable recommendations for Pakistani policymakers. Additionally, it will address implementation hurdles and how to overcome them.

Learn more about the participents and speakers here.  This conference has been made possible through the generosity of the Fellowship Fund for Pakistan.

View the opening remarks by Musadik Malik here.

View the luncheon address with Nargis Sethi here.