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Gender-based Violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) affects one in three women worldwide, making it an urgent and important policy challenge. Using its global platform, the Wilson Center is convening discussions not only on the ongoing crisis of GBV—made worse by the global COVID-19 pandemic—but also on the programs and policies that are beginning to make a difference.

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Accessing Justice: Gender-Based Violence and the Rule of Law

In recognition of the need to explore more fully the connections between laws, policies and the persistence of gender-based violence, the Wilson Center launched the project "Accessing Justice" to examine gender-based violence from a rule of law lens.

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Woman with a baby in transit refugee/migrant camp at the Greek-North Macedonian border.

What is Gender-Based Violence?

Gender-based violence is a global pandemic that impacts the lives of one in three women worldwide. Domestic violence is the most common type of GBV, impacting one in four women. But violence takes many forms.

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