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Plastic Pollution

The Wilson Center recognizes that ocean plastics are a global issue. Eleven million tons of plastic waste entered the ocean in 2016 alone and without immediate action, this number will triple by 2040, and only 15 percent of plastic waste worldwide is recycled and much of the plastic life cycle occurs beyond their scope of control. Our research and dialogues focus not only on the policies that can reduce plastic pollution, but also on-the-ground action across the globe leading to address ocean plastics. We are further translating this research into compelling educational mediums, such as The Plastic Pipeline game.

 Plastic bottles behind a fence

Is a UN Global Plastic Treaty Enough? The View from Asia

In this episode, we speak with experts from Japan, New Zealand, and Indonesia about whether the UN can do for plastic what the Paris Agreement has done for climate change.

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The Plastic Pipeline

The Wilson Center's China Environment Forum and Serious Games Initiative are currently developing an educational digital game, The Plastic Pipeline, which will raise public awareness on the plastic product lifecycle and policies that can be enacted to help stem the tide of pollution going into our oceans.