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Ekaterina Krongauz

Kennan Correspondent on Russian Media and Society

Professional affiliation

Independent Journalist

Full Biography

Ekaterina Krongauz is a well-known Russian journalist, author, storyteller, and media manager, who has worked in major news media in Russia for the past twenty years. Her main focus is on social issues, ethics, and societal changes. Her reporting highlights overlooked stories: the fate of orphans, social inequality, or challenges that people with disabilities face in public space in Russia. She is the author of a critically acclaimed book on parenting, Am I a Bad Mother? and 33 Other Questions That Ruin the Life of Parents.

In 2014, she joined an initiative to establish Meduza, an independent Russian news media outlet in Latvia, for which she developed new media and created innovative newsgames. In 2019, she co-founded the first independent podcast studio in Russia, Libo/Libo (Either/Or), with the mission to provide the public with a venue to freely express themselves. She is the author and host of several popular podcasts on sensitive ethical and social issues in modern Russia. Her unprecedented research podcast Stories of Russian Sex is highly regarded by public and critics alike.