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Evaniya Shakya

Science and Technology Innovation Program Intern

Full Biography

Evaniya Shakya is a Research and Communication Intern in the Science and Technology Innovation Program. She is a junior majoring in Biological Sciences at Cornell University, with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She also works in the Pawlowska Lab in the Department of Plant Pathology Plant-Microbe Biology at Cornell University. Her research project focuses on the co-evolution between the pathogenic fungus Rhizopus and the endosymbiotic bacteria Burkholderia through genotyping fungal and bacterial markers. She is passionate about scientific research and also interested in understanding the implementation of effective public policies regarding science and technology. At the Wilson Center, her projects explore the social construction of science. Evaniya is conducting independent research regarding the barriers and internventions impacting the state of women in STEM.