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Gilbert Rozman


    September 1, 2010 — May 1, 2011

    Professional affiliation

    Emeritus Musgrave Professor of Sociology, Princeton University; Editor-in-Chief, The Asan Forum

    Wilson Center Projects

    "The Sino-Russian National Identity Challenge to the World Order"

    Full Biography

    Rozman is the Emeritus Musgrave Professor of Sociology at Princeton University and the editor-in-chief of The Asan Forum, a bi-monthly, on-line journal on international relations in the Indo-Pacific. His undergraduate major was Chinese and Russian studies, and he began Japanese studies as a graduate student at Princeton and Korean studies during two stints as a visiting professor at Korean universities. He takes an interdisciplinary view of Northeast Asia, writing about national identities, geopolitics, and economic regionalism. Every two months, he writes an overview of Japanese and Russian articles on the Indo-Pacific and sometimes he writes the overview of Chinese articles. The current book is one of four on the period 2012-2023 following Rozman’s broader volume, Strategic Triangles Reshaping International Relations in East Asia (2022). The others (co-authored or co-edited) are South Korea’s Wild Ride: The Big Shifts in Foreign Policy from 2012 to 2022 (2023); Japan’s Rise as a Regional and Global Power, 2013-2023: A Momentous Decade (2024), and (in progress) Xi Jinping’s Asian policy over a decade.


    B.A., Chinese and Russian Studies, Carleton College; Ph.D., Sociology, Princeton University


    • Faculty at Princeton University 40 years; instructor to Musgrave Professor of Sociology


    International relations and sociology of Northeast Asia

    Major Publications

    • Chinese Strategic Thought toward Asia, 2010 (Palgrave)
    • Strategic Thinking about the Korean Nuclear Crisis: Four Countries Caught between North Korea and the United States, updated paperback edition, 2011 (Palgrave)
    • U.S. Leadership, History, and Bilateral Relations in Northeast Asia, 2011 (Cambridge University Press)

    Previous Terms

    Fellowship, Kennan Institute. "The Northeast Asian Region: Localism, Great Power Nationalism, and Regionalism in China, Japan and Russia" (Sep 1, 1996 - May 1, 1997)