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James Bosworth

Global Fellow


August 31, 2023 — August 31, 2025

Professional affiliation

Founder, Latin America Risk Report & Hxagon Consulting

Full Biography

James Bosworth is the founder of Hxagon, a company that provides political risk analysis and bespoke research in emerging markets. Hxagon is particularly active in Latin America, researching the background and connections of high level politicians, wealthy business owners and other politically exposed persons (PEPs) for financial institutions, investors and research institutions. Bosworth is also the author of the Latin America Risk Report newsletter and has a weekly column in World Politics Review.

For the past two decades, Bosworth has written about politics, economics, security and technology in emerging markets, primarily Latin America and the Caribbean. He was previously CEO at Southern Pulse, a company specializing in field research in Latin America. He is a certified Superforecaster for Good Judgment, Inc. He has written articles for think tanks including chapters for the Woodrow Wilson Center on Venezuela-Iran relations and organized crime in Honduras, and a report for the Inter-American Dialogue on private security contractors in the Western Hemisphere.

Recent Insights & Analysis

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