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The Rebellion of Criminal Networks: Organized Crime in Latin America and the Dynamics of Change

Juan Carlos Garzón
This essay introduces the concept of the “rebellion” of criminal networks” to explain the current dynamic of and context within which organized crime operates. The author also outlines the changes that have fostered the emergence of local markets for illegal drugs. The essay concludes with ten recommendations.

Chronic Violence and its Reproduction: Perverse Trends in Social Relations, Citizenship, and Democracy in Latin America

Tani Adams
This report reviews a broad literature on the causes and social effects of chronic violence in Latin America and details the consistent and diverse ways that chronic violence undermines social relations and support for democracy.

Participación ciudadana y percepción de inseguridad en América Latina

Jessica Varat and Allison Garland
This report is part of a series of research projects aimed at analyzing the influence of citizen participation and public security.

Prevention and Response to Urban Crime and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Tamara Taraciuk
This report summarizes an April 2003 conference that sought to identify international trends related to the prevention of violence and the promotion of public safety.

La Prevención y Respuesta al Crimen Urbano y a la Violencia en Latinoamérica y el Caribe

Tamara Taraciuk
Este trabajo presenta una reseña de una conferencia de 2003 con el fin de establecer cuál es la tendencia internacional en materia de prevención de la violencia y promoción de la seguridad ciudadana.

Crime and Social Policies in Latin America: Problems and Solutions

Claudio Beato
This paper explores the relationships between crime and health problems and between crime and economic problems. It also gives recommendations for formulating crime prevention policies.

Community Policing in the Southern Cone: Results, Problems, Policies

Catalina Smulovitz
This paper examines community policing programs, the problems such programs face, and the policy measures that could strengthen them.

Police Reform in Latin America: Observations & Recommendations

Heather Ward
This paper examines reforms in police organizations in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Seguridad Ciudadana, Gobernabilidad y Control Civil Democrático en América Latina

Lilian Bobea
This report is a result of a seminar, “Entre el Crimen y el Castigo: Seguridad Ciudadana, Gobernabilidad y Control Civil,” that was held on October 4-5, 2001. The seminar focused on how to confront crime and social violence.

Police Reform in Peru

Heather Golding
This publication summarizes a conference held in 2002 called "Peruvian Police Reform in Light of International Experiences." Approximately 400 members of the Peruvian National Police attended to hear perspectives of citizen security from other social, cultural, and geographic vantage points.

Paths Toward Police and Judicial Reform in Latin America

Paulo de Mesquita Neto
This bulletin discusses three different paths to police and judicial reform in Latin America.

Experiencias de Prevención del Delito en América Latina

Ximena Tocornal Montt
This bulletin presents a summary, in Spanish, of a 2001 seminar to discuss citizen security and strategies for coordinated action between various sectors of society.

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