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Summaries of those Institute lectures of greatest relevance to the general public and policy-making community.

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Regional and Global Energy Series: Russia, Ukraine, and Energy Security

Jon Dekker
Report from the July 1 launch of the Wilson Center’s Regional and Global Energy Series featuring former US Ambassador to Russia and Bulgaria John Beyrle, former NSC Senior Director for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia (and former US Ambassador to Kazakhstan and Georgia) William Courtney, IHS Energy’s Director, Russian and Caspian Energy (and book co-author) Julia Nanay, and State Department International Energy Coordinator, former NSC Senior Director and former US Ambassador to Ukraine and Mexico, Carlos Pascual, who explored with Jan Kalicki and David Goldwyn the energy and broader dimensions of relations with Russia and Ukraine.

A New Agenda for a New Ukraine: Political, Security, and Social Dimensions

Mattison Brady
Summary from the July 15, 2014 lecture by Kennan Kyiv Office Director, Dr. Yaroslav Pylynskyi, on the best way forward for Ukraine.

"We Have Not Given Enough Thought to How Painful the Soviet Union’s Collapse Was"

Mary Elizabeth Malinkin and Pilar Bonet
"My main thought is that psychologically, it takes a long time to get rid of an Empire, and, in this case, the Soviet Union. Young people tend to forget that the Soviet Union existed, that the Soviet Union was a real entity, and we have not given enough thought to how painful its collapse was..."
kateryna smagliy

Developing Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Mary Elizabeth Malinkin and Kateryna Smagliy
"Social entrepreneurship is a very new trend in Ukraine. Unfortunately there are only about 50-100 social entrepreneurs that have gotten started in the last few years. There have been a number of projects supported by foreign donors to promote the development of social entrepreneurship, but organizations that work in this field are still very young and inexperienced..."
 andrey miroshnichenko thumb

The Turning Point for Russia Will Be a Higher Proportion of People on the Internet

Mary Elizabeth Malinkin and Andrey Miroshnichenko
Interview with Andrey Miroshnichenko, Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholar, upon the completion of his grant, Spring 2013

You Have to Have Strong Nerves Not to be Influenced by the Hysteria

Mary Elizabeth Malinkin and Nataliya Rostova
An interview with Nataliya Rostova, Galina Starovoitova Fellow on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, upon the completion of her grant “The Russian Mass Media of the Post-Perestroika Era.”

Reflections on George F. Kennan: Scholar and Policymaker

F. Joseph Dresen and Dana Steinberg

Russia's Democratic Dilemmas

Nicholas Wheeler

Women and Foreign Assistance in the NIS

Jodi Koehn and Nancy Popson

Russian Communities Abroad

Jennifer Giglio

Generations in Belarus

Allison Abrams

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