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Enhancing US-Japan Economic Security Partnership in the Indo-Pacific

True friendship is based on shared values and trust. The United States and Japan are not only aligned in their views concerning the need to focus on economic security, but they are also prepared to work closely together to meet shared objectives - Ambassador Mark A. Green

Disruptions caused by the global pandemic have led to a recognition of the fragility in global interconnectedness. At the same time, China’s tactics to leverage its dominance in the global economy are bringing the United States and Japan closer together to bolster their respective economic resilience. Both countries are working more closely together to address threats to Indo-Pacific economic stability. While both Tokyo and Washington agree upon the need for greater resilience to disruptions as well as coordination in staving off Chinese economic coercion, challenges remain from a policy perspective.

How do the United States and Japan define economic security, and where do their common interests lie in aligning economic and security interests in in the Indo-Pacific? What opportunities are there for the world’s largest and third-largest economies to work together to enhance their economic security interests both bilaterally and multilaterally?

The Wilson Center, with the generous support of the US Department of State, explores these issues in "Reshaping US-Japan Economic Security Partnership in the Indo-Pacific." 

Featuring a foreword by Amb. Mark A. Green and essays by Shihoko Goto, Walter M. Hudson, Lucas Myers, Jun Osawa, and Yasuyuki Todo, this publication analyzes and discusses the policy implications of economic security cooperation between the United States and Japan.

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Wilson NOW: US-Japan Partnership: Testing the Bond of Shared Economic Security Interests

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, we are joined by Shihoko Goto, Director for Geoeconomics and Indo-Pacific Enterprise and Deputy Director for the Asia Program at the Wilson Center, and Lucas Myers, Senior Associate for Southeast Asia at the Asia Program. They discuss their new report, “Reshaping US-Japan Economic Security Partnership in the Indo-Pacific.” The report highlights the convergence of economic concerns and national security interests between the two nations and how cooperation can be further enhanced moving forward.

Wilson NOW: US-Japan Partnership: Testing the Bond of Shared Economic Security Interests

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