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Sustaining U.S.-China Cooperation in Clean Energy (Wilson Center Publication) provides a governmental and private-sector overview of the complex dynamics of competition and cooperation behind U.S. and Chinese national efforts to develop their solar, wind, and other alternative energy industries. It assesses systemic differences in clean energy policy between the United States and China and identifies areas of congruence as well as disparity. In conclusion, it presents a model whereby clean energy innovations in both countries can be brought to global scale through risk-mitigated mechanisms of collaboration.

The book aims squarely at the middle-ground with commercial trend analysis backed by technical experience to guide readers expertly through the breadth and depth of these complex issues. A must-read for cleantech firms positioning their products and services for the global market.


About the Author

Merritt T. Cooke

Merritt T. Cooke

Public Policy Scholar;
Founder of the China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia
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Kissinger Institute on China and the United States

The Kissinger Institute works to ensure that China policy serves American long-term interests and is founded in understanding of historical and cultural factors in bilateral relations and in accurate assessment of the aspirations of China’s government and people.  Read more