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A CWIHP Document Reader compiled for the international conference "NATO, the Warsaw Pact and the Rise of Detente, 1965-1972," Dobiaco/Toblach Italy, 26-28 September 2002.

This Document Reader consists of two volumes:

  • Volume I: US-Soviet Bilateral Relations

    • Section 1: Bilateral Negotiations 1969-1972

    • Section 2: Summit May 1972

    • Section 3: Bilateral Relations 1972-1973

    • Section 4: Summit June 1973

  • Volume II: Detente in Europe

    • Section 5: Ostpolitik, Berlin Negotiations and US-Soviet Relations

    • Section 6: Multilateral Negotiations, MBFR, CSCE

    • Section 7: European Integration and the Year of Europe

    • Section 8: Crises and Responses: Restructuring NATO and the Warsaw Pact

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