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Fleeing Ukraine: The World Responds to an Historic Displacement Crisis

April 14, 202231:51

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, we are joined by James Hollifield, Global Fellow with the Global Risk and Resilience Program. Jim is a Professor of Political Science, the Arnold Chair in International Political Economy, and Director of the Tower Center at Southern Methodist University. He discusses the refugee crisis stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how Eastern Europe, the European Union, and nations around the world have responded.

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Global Risk and Resilience Program

The Global Risk and Resilience Program (GRRP) seeks to support the development of inclusive, resilient networks in local communities facing global change. By providing a platform for sharing lessons, mapping knowledge, and linking people and ideas, GRRP and its affiliated programs empower policymakers, practitioners, and community members to participate in the global dialogue on sustainability and resilience. Empowered communities are better able to develop flexible, diverse, and equitable networks of resilience that can improve their health, preserve their natural resources, and build peace between people in a changing world.  Read more