Recent montly reports from USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) describe the impact that the Community-Based Leadership Program (CBLP) is having on local communities in Burundi. The CBLP is a component of the Africa Program's initiative to implement leadership training in Burundi.

Undertaken in conjunction with PADCO, African Strategic impact and with the support of OTI, the CBLT conducts trainings designed to increase social capital and produce conflict-resolution networks in local communities. The training is lead by Burundian Master Trainers, and is conducted entirely in Kirundi, the local language. The Master Trainers are supported by the Wilson Center Staff, and trained by U.S.-based experts.

The OTI reports on CBLP activity can be downloaded by following the links below.

For more information about the CBLP, contact the Africa Program.

USAID/OTI Points of Contact:
In Burundi: OTI Burundi Country Representative, telephone: 257-246-147
or 246-146
In Washington, D.C.: Carlisle J. Levine Program Manager, telephone: 202-712-0955

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