Public Policy scholar at the Wilson Center Jill Dougherty talks with MSNBC about the new sanctions placed against Russia Friday and risks for the U.S.

When asked if the sanctions were working, Jill Dougherty responded by saying, "to a certain extent they are, obviously Russia is hurting economically because of them. What the West wants to do right now, that includes Europe and the United States, they want to target the energy sector and especially parts of the energy sector that Russia really wants to develop but hasn't had the opportunity or the know-how to do it."

Additionally, she commented that western companies may be negatively affected by sanctions "in order to hit Vladimir Putin where it hurts."

Lastly, she responded to a question about Vladimir Putin's reaction to the sanctions, stating that, "I think what he feels is that this is a way for him to boost his domestic economy. He really feels that he can go it alone."