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The Wilson Center is proud to recognize and celebrate LGBTQI+ Pride Month this June.  June is a time to draw attention to the power that visibility has for continuing the fight for equality not only in the United States but also around the world. LGBTQI+ issues are human rights issues and through the celebrations that punctuate the month of June, we must recall the historic strides made by queer men, women, and nonbinary people, especially transgender women of color, who have been the backbone of this fight.

This month, the Wilson Center will be hosting events and publishing content that examines LGBTQI+ issues through our regional and cross-cutting programs.  Beyond visibility, we must strive and advocate for equity for all sexual and gender minorities. It is too common for LGBTQI+ people to become scapegoats for political gain, the targets of violence, and the victims of institutionalized neglect.

Through the Center’s mission of having an open dialogue, we intend to shed light on issues surrounding identity- not only in our day to day lives, but also in our policy.