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Host Aaron Jones is joined by three experts today. Alex Long, who walks us through the public health perspective of understanding coronavirus, its implications for global health and security; Rui Zhong, who explains some of the societal dynamics in China that we have seen from this outbreak; and Shihoko Goto, who deftly explains how this is affecting the global economy and what it may mean for the future. This is a can't miss episode and the most comprehensive look you will find to understand the various angles of this global threat.

Congressional Relations

The Wilson Center’s office of Congressional Relations works to maintain a vibrant relationship with Members of Congress and their staffs. We organize and run a series of educational programs led by Wilson Center experts, ranging from seminars to podcasts, with the purpose of increasing congressional staffers’ knowledge of international policy. We also coordinate outreach to Capitol Hill, including testimonies by Wilson Center scholars and briefings for Members of Congress.  Read more

Asia Program

The Asia Program promotes policy debate and intellectual discussions on U.S. interests in the Asia-Pacific as well as political, economic, security, and social issues relating to the world’s most populous and economically dynamic region.   Read more

Kissinger Institute on China and the United States

The mission of Kissinger Institute on China and the United States is to ensure that informed engagement remains the cornerstone of U.S.-China relations.  Read more

Science and Technology Innovation Program

Our science and technology policy experts translate compelxity, and explore converging and emerging technologies to maximize benefits and minimize risks.   Read more