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March 24, 2013 News

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Continue reading for articles including those on corruption as a global phenomenon, the future of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Kenya's hopes for a peaceful and fair election, and Africa's macroeconomic setting threatening gains that were made in the 1990s.

Africa: Corruption in Africa - It Takes Two to Tango
"Africa's corruption troubles are well known, but corruption is a global phenomenon and developed countries are deeply implicated.
Speaking at Transparency International's (TI) Annual Anti-Corruption Lecture, John Githongo, Kenya's former anti-corruption tsar, spoke with cautious optimism.
On the one hand, he proclaimed: 'Today we are witnessing a unique convergence of potentially positive developments in the fight against corruption - one that has not existed since the end of the Cold War.' Yet at the same time he also emphasized that we are still facing 'the continuing reality of systematized corruption...'"
To read the full article, visit the AllAfrica site here

Kagame's headache: To bow out or to hang on?
"On February 8 this year, Rwanda's ruling party, the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), held a meeting attended by over 2,000 delegates in the capital Kigali. At the conference, President Paul Kagame introduced two subjects: the challenges facing the country over the international community's allegations that Kigali is fuelling regional conflict, and his own plans to respect term limits and retire from the presidency in 2017..."
To read the full article, visit the East African site here

Kenyans hope poll will repair country's image "KENYANS will cast their votes on Monday in an election that the country will use to repair its image, after the bungled 2007 elections resulted in the death of more than 1,300 people. Officials from the election commission, the judiciary and the Kenya Police said preparations for the election were complete. The violence in 2007 was partly blamed on the police's failure to prepare for possible clashes, and mistrust of the judiciary to arbitrate an election dispute..."
To read the full article, visit the Business Day site here

Africa's economic miracle is under threat
"AFTER years of dictatorships, military coups and one-party regimes, Africa emerged in the mid-1990s to record one of its most successful periods of economic prosperity. But its high growth rates, boosted by improved commodity prices, macroeconomic stability and an environment more conducive to business, may be under threat. Growing economic and political risks, such as domestic political attrition, recalcitrant rebel insurgency and the burgeoning jihadist offensive, may undermine the positive prospects.
To read the full article, visit the Business Day site here

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