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Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Latin America

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Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship are critical to sustainable growth and competitiveness in the globalized economy of the 21st Century. This is especially true in Latin America and other emerging markets. The region has a number of well-known innovation hubs—Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Santiago, to name a few—but Latin America generally lags behind other regions in global measures of innovation capacity. How can this be turned around? How can industry, educational systems, and governments better collaborate to improve the climate for innovation and entrepreneurial success? What are the needs, challenges, and obstacles that innovators face in different Latin American contexts? How can innovation “ecosystems” blossom and what ingredients have been lacking thus far?


Tres visiones sobre los ecosistemas de innovación en el contexto Latinoamericano





  • Cynthia J. Arnson

    Director, Latin American Program
  • Ken Sawyer

    Board Member
  • Eleonore Pauwels

    Former Global Fellow in the Science and Technology Innovation Program
    Formerly European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Technological Development, Directorate on Science, Economy and Society


  • Diego Molano Vega

    Former Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Government of Colombia
  • Juan Carlos Navarro

    Principal Technical Leader, Competitiveness and Innovation Division, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Jerry Haar

    Global Fellow
    Professor and Former Associate Dean and Director, Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center in the College of Business Administration, Florida International University
  • Gabriel Rozman

    Board Member
    Founder, Tokai Ventures; President of TCS Iberoamerica S.A.
  • Consuelo Valverde

    Founder & Managing Partner of SV LATAM Fund
  • Jonathan Nelson

    Board Member
    CEO, Hackers/Founders
  • Marcos Polanco

    Former Director of the Founder Institute; Kauffman Fellow