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The New American Economy: A Wilson Conversation with Francis Suarez, Mayor of the City of Miami and President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors

Date & Time

Jan. 17, 2023
3:30pm – 4:00pm ET


6th Floor Flom Auditorium, Woodrow Wilson Center
and Online


We now live in a new digital American economy, which is actively transforming every industry, every sector, every company, and every consumer. Navigating the digital economy means mastering the use of digital assets and the digital space. Digital assets and the metaverse have now become a focus of attention for government and industry.  Blockchain technology continues to disrupt the economics of data storage, processing, financial transactions, and the very definition of an “asset.” Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and the metaverse have become code words for monumental technological growth and innovation. This revolution is changing how financial systems operate; society’s function and transactions take place. The implications of the evolution of blockchain technology now touches and will continue to transform every aspect of infrastructure and social activity, both within and outside of the United States.

On Tuesday, January 17th,  City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez will join the Wilson Center to discuss digital assets and the global ramifications for the race to Web3. This session will highlight the importance of the timely work the Center is doing to promote the conversation of regulation and reform of digital assets in an ever-changing environment.

This session is being hosted by the Wilson Center's Digital Assets Forum & Lab in collaboration with the Science and Technology Innovation Program. It will highlight the importance of timely work to promote the conversation of regulation and reform of digital assets in an ever-changing environment. 

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Digital Assets Forum

The Wilson Center’s Digital Assets Forum has a mission to present reliable unbiased information concerning the evolution in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We provide a realistic assessment of the future and opportunity of increasing focus on metaverse-related technology.

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Science and Technology Innovation Program

The Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) serves as the bridge between technologists, policymakers, industry, and global stakeholders.  Read more

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