The Aftermath of President Bolsonaro's Visit to Washington and Prospects for Economic Reform

There will be a live webcast of this event
*Please note the event location has changed to the 6th Floor Auditorium due to demand*
President Jair Bolsonaro will make his first official visit to Washington as president from March 17-19, as the government looks to fulfill its promise of strengthening relations with the United States. Yet the most promising area of bilateral dialogue—economic and commercial relations, including greater U.S. investment in Brazil—will depend heavily on the new government’s capacity to deliver much-needed reforms at home, particularly the approval of meaningful pension reform in the Brazilian National Congress. Talk of a looming China-U.S. trade rapprochement could also create challenges during the presidential visit, not only for the new Brazilian government’s pro-Western agenda, but also because Brazil emerged as one of the largest beneficiaries of the China-U.S. trade dispute.
Join us on March 20, one day after the conclusion of President Bolsonaro’s visit, for a two-part event examining prospects for the Brazilian economy, the current political environment, and Brazil-U.S. relations, three months into the new administration’s tenure. 



Panel I: The View from the IMF: Boom, Bust, and the Road to Recovery in Brazil 

Antonio Spilimbergo, Assistant Director, Western Hemisphere Department at the IMF and Mission Chief for Brazil 

Krishna Srinivasan, Deputy Director, Western Hemisphere Department at the IMF

Moderator: Anna Prusa, Associate, Brazil Institute


Panel II: Assessment of President Bolsonaro’s Visit to Washington and the Political Environment Back Home

Roberto Simon, Senior Director of Policy, Council of the Americas

Nicholas Zimmerman, Consultant, Macro Advisory Partners

Thiago de Aragão, Partner and Director of Intelligence, Arko Advice

Mauricio Moura, Founder and CEO, IDEIA Big Data

Moderator: Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute 

Image by Agência Brasil