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Shannon Pierson

Research Assistant, Science and Technology Innovation Program & Scholars Program

Full Biography

Shannon Pierson is a Research Assistant Intern for the Wilson Center's Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP), with a focus on its Disinformation Program. Ms. Pierson assists Disinformation Fellow Nina Jankowicz with her research into social media regulation practices and online sexualized disinformation campaigns against women in public life. Shannon is responsible for curating Flagged, the Wilson Center’s newsletter analyzing news about disinformation and how to counter it. Prior to working at the Wilson Center, Ms. Pierson worked as a Cybersecurity Research Consultant on multiple projects for the Microsoft Corporation’s Defending Democracy Program—specifically on election security and internet governance legislation. She has also engaged in research related to Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure security in smart buildings, law enforcement surveillance technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology policy. Her writing has been published by the Wilson Center, Disability & Society, and the Jackson School of International Studies’ International Policy Institute. She received her BA in International Studies from the University of Washington in March 2020.