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Dispatches: October 2018

Mary Ratliff

Dispatches is the monthly newsletter of the Wilson Center's Asia Program, looking at highlights, news stories, publications, and more.

Dispatches: October 2018

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Welcome to Dispatches, the monthly newsletter of the Wilson Center's Asia Program.HighlightsImage removed.

The China Challenge: Security and Military Developments
Abe Denmark Testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

What's Next for the Haqqani Network?
The Asia Program partners with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for Afpak File,
a new podcast.

In the News

The American Ship that Spied on North Korea / Declassified on CNN

Kim Jong Un Says He's Building North Korea's Economy; It's Hard To Assess Progress / NPR

'Face-Saving,' Promises, and Propaganda: Jean H. Lee on the Inter-Korean Summit The Wilson Center

The Case Against Doing Nothing on North Korea / Omaha World-Herald

Trump Charges China-Not Russia-With Meddling in U.S. Elections / The New Yorker

India and Pakistan both lose out from canceled meeting / Arab News

After Political Backlash, Pakistani PM Khan Walks Back Citizenship Pledge for Afghan Refugees The Takeaway (WNYC)

Former U.S. ally turned implacable foe dies in Afghanistan, Taliban announces
The Washington Post

Abraham M. Denmark on Taiwan: Causation with Chinese Characteristics
Taipei Times

U.S.-China Competition and the Taiwan Tripwire / FPRI



Pathways to Change: Pakistan Policy Symposium / October 17 & 18


Japan's Leadership Role in the International Order: Global Expectations, Domestic Challenges / Audio Now Available

Fears of the Fourth Estate: Current Challenges for the Pakistani Press
Video Now Available

Dispatches Blog

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Can the Indo-Pacific Open Doors for Taiwan? / Shihoko Goto

The Future of the Quad is in Southeast Asia / Abraham M. Denmark

The First Crisis for Pakistan's New Government / Michael Kugelman

'Farewell Reunions': Time is Running Out For Korea's Divided Families / Soojin Park

Recent Publications

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The Quetta Experience: Attitudes and Values Within Pakistan's Army / David O. Smith

ASEAN's Role in a U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy / Prashanth Parameswaran

Program News

The Asia Program welcomed new fellows and scholars for fall 2018.
The incoming class includes:

Michael C. Davis
Professor of Law and International Affairs, Jindal Global University, Delhi, India

Katie Stallard-Blanchette
Foreign Correspondent, former head of Sky News' Asia Bureau

Toshihiro Nakayama
Professor, Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University;
Adjunct Fellow, Japan Institute of International Affairs

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