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Ilona Sologoub

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

VoxUkraine Scientific Editor

Full Biography

Ilona Sologoub is the CEO and editor of VoxUkraine since 2019. Before that she was a member of VoxUkraine Supervisory Board. Simultaneously she is a Management Team member of the Kyiv School of Economics. Ilona joined KSE in 2010 as a researcher and later was promoted to the Director for Economic Policy research position. 

Before joining KSE, Ilona worked in the banking sector performing market and operational risk analysis. Ilona has experience in developing and implementing market risk models and writing analytics on various topics including Ukrainian and world economy,  social issues and market research. Ilona is a graduate of EERC MA program in Economics (now KSE) and was a lecturer at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.