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Jeffrey Edmonds

Global Fellow


October 1, 2017 — December 31, 2023

Professional affiliation

Senior Research Scientist, Center for Naval Analyses
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Wilson Center Projects

Managing Russia-US Bilateral Relations

Full Biography

Jeffrey Edmonds is an expert on Russia and Eurasia. His research focuses on the Russian military, foreign policy, Russian threat perceptions, and Russian information and cyber operations. Most recently, Edmonds served as the Director for Russia on the National Security Council and acting Senior Director for Russia during the 2017 presidential transition. Edmonds was also the lead director during a review of the United States policy towards Russia, culminating in a presidentially approved strategy that had global impact. Prior to the NSC, Edmonds served as a military analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency, covering Eurasian militaries. He has served in the U.S. Army on both active duty and the reserves for 22 years, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Edmonds holds an M.P.A. from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, an M.A. from Boston University in Religious Studies, and a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Major Publications

Zapad Is a Window Into How Russia Works (Op-ed) - Moscow Times


Why the Russian Navy Is a More Capable Adversary Than It Appears - The National Interest