Perhaps the greatest challenge Mexico is facing is building a genuine Rule of Law. The situation is currently characterized by a low level of trust in the authorities, a judicial system in transition to oral trials, and asymmetric institutional development between different levels of governments. In this context, the country has important historical challenges, such as improving processes that lead to effective protection of human rights, fighting corruption, and strengthening a system of transparency and accountability.

In response, recent administrations have attempted to push solutions and accelerate the adoption of international best practices. Although some advances have been achieved, the road still looks challenging. With this series, the Mexico Institute seeks to provide arguments and analysis for understanding the problems of transparency and Rule of Law that Mexico is facing.

In this series, the Mexico Institute willl provide infographics, articles, publications, and other materials related to transparency and the rule of law. 



World Press Freedom Index 2016: Mexico & the OECD

World Press Freedom Index 2016: Mexico & the Americas

New Criminal Justice System

Mexico Corruption Perception Index 2015

Judicial Reform in Mexico 

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Mexico's Reforms and the Prospects for Growth

The Problem of Power: Mexico Requires a New System of Government

Mexico: The Fight Against Corruption (A review of ongoing reforms to promote transparency and curtail corruption) - By Mauricio Merino

A Mexican Utopia: The Rule of Law is Possible - By Luis Rubio


Mexico Wins: Anti-Corruption Reform Approved

Fighting Corruption in Mexico

Mexico: From a Drug War to a War Against Corruption

Five Security Priorities for Mexico - The Expert Take, By Viridiana Rios

How to Make Mexico More Competitive: More Corporate Ethics & State Efficiency, Less Corruption - By Viridiana Rios

Subcommittee Hearing: Threats to Press Freedom in the Americas - The Expert Take, By Eric L. Olson and Georgia Baker

Advancing Justice Sector Reform in Mexico - The Expert Take, By Eric L. Olson and Georgia Baker

A Way to Restore Mexico's Trust Deficit - The Expert Take, By Diana Villiers Negroponte

Corruption, A Central Issue in the Campaigns - The Expert Take, By Duncan Wood and Pedro Valenzuela

Another Mexican Utopia: Building a Merit-Based Society - The Expert Take, By Arturo Franco 

Four Rule of Law Policies to Make Mexico Grow - By Viridiana Rios

Mexico's Petite Revolution: Justice and Security Implications of Approving a Fully New Code of Judicial Procedures - By Viridiana Rios


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Mexico Today: Analyzing the Country's Reforms

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Mexican Civil Society's Battle Against Corruption: #Ley3de3

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