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Demography Masterclass

The Wilson Center Congressional Foreign Policy Masterclass Series provides senior staffers the opportunity to go in-depth with our regional experts on a pressing foreign policy issue. This comprehensive course provides a non-partisan environment for senior staffers to meet and network with fellow colleagues from across the aisle.


Please email us at for details on the Demography Masterclass.

Who Should Apply

The Wilson Center invites senior-level congressional staff to participate in the Congressional Foreign Policy Masterclass (Chiefs of Staff, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Legislative Directors, Senior Legislative Assistants, and Professional Committee Staff). If you have questions about this requirement, please feel free to contact us! Applicants should possess a strong understanding of the legislative process and have experience working with a foreign policy portfolio.

Topics Covered

  • Demography, Data Literacy, & Workforce Development and Economic Competitiveness
  • Demographic Trends & National Security
  • What is population age structure, and why does it matter?
  • How does understanding demographic trends help us shape successful strategies for US power?
  • How do investments in population and development build a more secure future?
  • How does including population among environmental, health, and other variables help us anticipate the future?
  • What are the links between age structure and political stability?