On Monday August 11, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto enacted the secondary legislation of the energy reform, composed of 9 new laws and amendments to 12 existing ones. With this action, a new chapter in the economic development of Mexico begins. 

In this series, the Mexico Institute seeks to provide infographics, articles, publications, and other materials to provide analysis for understanding the energy reforms and their implications for Mexico.



Mexico's Energy Reform: The Timeline

Wind Farms in Mexico

Water Scarcity and Energy Development in Northern Mexico

Renewable Energy in Mexico's Northern Border Region

Regulatory Agencies in the Mexican Energy Sector


Mexico's Energy Reforms: A Progress Report


Mexico's Oil Auction: short-term disappointment v long-term progress - By Duncan Wood

Doubts Persist Over Mexican Contract Terms: Will the Government Get it Right in Time? - By Duncan Wood

Water Scarcity Could Deter Energy Developers From Crossing Border Into Northern Mexico - By Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue

Drowning PEMEX? - The Expert Take, By Jesus Reyes Heroles

Confronting Challenges to North America's Energy Future - By Duncan Wood and Rachel Bronson

Energy Reform and Democracy - The Expert Take, By Jesus Reyes Heroles

Mexico’s Energy Reform: entering the final phase - The Expert Take, By Pedro Valenzuela and Duncan Wood

Mexico's Energy Reforms Become Law - By Diana Villiers Negroponte


Economic Impact and Legal Analysis of the Shale Oil and Gas Activities in Mexico - By Duncan Wood, Thomas Tunstall, Javier Oyakawa, Alejandra Bueno, Pilar Rodríguez Ibáñez, Joana Chapa Cantú, Manuel Acuña Zepeda, and Oscar Lugo Serrato

Renewable Energy in Mexico's Northern Border Region - By Jonathan Pinzón, Lilia de Diego, Rafael Carmona, and Luis Aguirre-Torres

Integrating North America's Energy Markets: A Call for Action - By Duncan Wood

Addressing the Concerns of the Oil Industry: Security Challenges in Northeastern Mexico and Government Responses - By Kathryn Haahr


Latin American Energy: Issues and Prospects

The Future of Renewable Energy and Climate Change Policy in Mexico

Falling Oil Prices: Changing Implications for Global Producers

Mexico's Energy Reform: Opportunities and Challenges for International Engagement in the Gulf of Mexico

First Annual North American Energy Forum: Energy Infrastructure Futures

Mexico's Energy Reforms: Tracking Progress

Mexico's Energy Reform: Assessing the Secondary Legislation