President-elect Donald Trump is promising to shift U.S. foreign policy priorities and to reshape America’s system of alliances. What does the world expect of President Trump? Our new series of ground truth briefings provides deep dives into the critical issues facing the new administration. Join us by PHONE, as veteran scholars and analysts from around the globe discuss  U.S. engagement with the world. Click on the event titles below to RSVP or listen to the podcast.

November 30: What Does Africa Expect of President-elect Donald Trump?

Monde Muyangwa, Africa Program Director, Wilson Center
Fatima Sadiqi, Senior Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco and former Wilson Center Fellow
Terrence McNamee, Deputy Director, Brenthurst Foundation, South Africa

December 8: What Does Russia Expect of President-elect Donald Trump?

Matthew Rojansky, Kennan Institute Director, Wilson Center
Andrei Kozyrev, former Foreign Minister of Russia, Wilson Fellow
Maxim Trudolyubov, editor-at-large, Vedomosti Daily, Wilson Fellow
Victoria Zhuravleva, Director, American Studies Program, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow

December 13: What Does India Expect of President-elect Donald Trump?

Michael Kugelman, Program Associate, Asia Program
Suhasina Haider, diplomatic and strategic affairs editor, The Hindu newspaper, Chennai
Dipankar Gupta, distinguished professor and director, Center for Public Affairs, Shiv Nadar University, New Delhi; former Wilson Center fellow
Kishan Rana, retired ambassador and senior diplomat, New Delhi; former Wilson Center public policy fellow

December 19: What Do Palestinians and Israelis Expect of President-elect Donald Trump?

Aaron David Miller, Vice President of New Initiatives, Wilson Center
Peter Baker, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, The New York Times and Wilson Fellow
Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization
David Horovitz, Founding Editor, The Times of Israel

January 5: What Does the World Expect of President-elect Donald Trump on Trade?

Shawn Donnan, World Trade Editor, Financial Times 
Shihoko Goto, Program Associate, Asia Program, Wilson Center
Meg Lundsager, Former U.S. Executive Director and Alternate Executive Director, International Monetary Fund, Public Policy Fellow, Wilson Center

January 10: What Does Mexico Expect of President-elect Donald Trump?

Duncan Wood, Mexico Institute Director, Wilson Center
Luis Rubio, Center of Research for Development, Mexico and Wilson Center Global Fellow
Luis de la Calle, Managing Director, De la Calle, Madrazo, & Mancera and former Undersecretary, Ministry of the Economy, Mexico
Juan Pardinas, General Director of the Mexican Institute for Competitivenes

January 17: What Does China Expect of President-elect Donald Trump?

Robert Daly, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States Director, Wilson Center