Working Paper Series

The NPIHP Working Paper Series is designed to provide a speedy publications outlet for historians who have gained access to newly-available archives and sources and would like to share their results.


Research Updates

NPIHP Research Updates cast an analytical spotlight upon new accessions to the NPIHP Digital Archive. By showcasing and contextualizing new archival research through the NPIHP Research Updates series we aim to make leading-edge research on nuclear history available and accessible to a broad audience.


Issue Briefs

NPIHP Issue Briefs offer useful insights and perspectives on contemporary nuclear policy issues from international nuclear historians. More than just formulaic ‘lessons from history,’ these Issue Briefs provide archivally-grounded background, context and nuance to current issues for political scientists and government officials who are confronted with complex nuclear challenges.


Blog Posts

Sources and Methods presents fresh archival evidence and new insights into contemporary international history.


Conference Reports

The Critical Oral History Conference (COHC) Series fills the gaps in the available documentary records and adds greater nuance to even well-understood events in the history of nuclear proliferation. The series features the testimonies of veteran diplomatic and intelligence officials from around the world.